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To retouch or not to retouch?

closeup of retoucher tablet and pen

I’ve only included two retouched photos out of the 100+ in my new book “Delaware Before the Railroads.” I could have retouched more, sure, but my aim is to present truthful photos of Delaware historic sites as they look currently.

So. This replica of a famous Delaware lighthouse was photographed with a drone. I rotated the drone in a full circle around the thing looking for a background that wasn’t cluttered. Doesn’t exist. This shot has the least objectionable background.

The book copy talks about how this replica, originally sited elsewhere, was moved to a traffic circle in Rehoboth Beach. I feel the retouched version is true to representing the new location. The elimination of the buildings on the right keeps the focus on the lighthouse. The retoucher also brightened the lighthouse and added some sparkle to the lamp at the top.

lighthouse photo retouched (left) and original photo (right))

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