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Delaware from Railways to Freeways cover

Delaware from Railways to Freeways covers eye-opening information about the region and its residents from 1800 to 1907. Laying out a captivating journey through pictures and offering up little-known anecdotes, entertainingly educational stories, and a comprehensive deep dive, Tabler gives insightful commentary on inventions, contributors to society, and transformative technology. History lovers of all ages will immensely enjoy this trove of 19th-century lore.

In Delaware from Railways to Freeways, you’ll discover:

– The illustrator responsible for the modern-day version of Robin Hood

– Which innovative minds were behind Christmas Seals, RCA Victrola, and other cool contraptions

– How roads were built, the iron industry rose up, and breakwaters and ferries expanded

– Fun facts about the state fair, the founding of the A.M.E. Church, and a flying machine

– The Civil War & Reconstruction era, The Gilded Age & Beyond, and much, much more!

Delaware from Railways to Freeways is the perfect combination of coffee table book and reference resource and is the second volume in the Delaware History Overview series. If you like photography from the past, engrossing regional tales, and adaptive teaching tools, then you’ll adore Dave Tabler’s fresh retrospective.

As of June 15, 2023, the new cover is complete, the book is in the final edit and will be available for pre-order by August 1. Check this blog for regular updates. Fall release date of November 1.

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