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coleman, pierre and alfred dupont

The Corporate Capital’s Secret Sauce

Explore how three key factors have shaped a state into America’s premier hub for business incorporation. From specialized courts to banking support, this tale of intentional innovation reveals why so many Fortune 500 companies choose to call it home.

NAACP legal staff Brown vs Board

Delaware Schools as a Crucible for Educational Justice

Delaware’s schools serve as a critical stage for the nation’s ongoing battles over educational inequality and segregation. This article traces the state’s fraught history, from Plessy v. Ferguson to groundbreaking cases that laid the foundation for the landmark Brown v. Board of Education ruling.

Raymond kirkbride and first group 1923

The Birth of America’s First Study Abroad Program

Explore the origins of America’s first study abroad program, initiated by Raymond Kirkbride at the University of Delaware in 1923. Learn how his World War I service influenced a vision that transformed higher education and set a precedent for future programs.

Howard High School faculty in the 1930s

“I’m damn mad at any injustice!”

Pauline A. Young, born in 1900, became a pioneering force in education, civil rights, and library sciences in segregated Wilmington, Delaware. She influenced generations through her work at Howard High School and extensive civil rights activism, leaving a lasting legacy.

neil armstrong on the moon

How Dover Dressed Neil Armstrong for his Lunar Leap

ILC Dover designed the iconic Apollo space suits, embodying years of engineering excellence and ethical responsibility. This Delaware-based firm evolved from a military supplier to a pivotal NASA partner, safeguarding astronauts while remaining largely unsung. The story of ILC is a tribute to hidden innovation.